The Heart of a Great Beast

Hiding behind the swing set
contemplating the climb
that might save you
from the fluffiest of perceived
one wonders:
What is in the heart
of a truly great beast?

Is it malice
or anger?
Is it the hope of being understood
coupled with a reality where you never will be?
Is there a longing for companionship
that can never be sated?
Is it just a desire for wonton destruction
or as they say
a will to
‘watch the world burn’.

I’m pretty convinced it’s sheer glee
at the prospect
of torturing your victim
as he or she
(he in this case)
hides in fear
knowing without a doubt
that he’ll be found.
watching that victim
hide at the top of the slide
because he knows
he won’t be followed
to that one place.

Part of the joy
must come from knowing
that sometime soon
he’ll make a run for it.

And you’ll be there.

running along side of him.
A white ball of fur
wagging your tail in pure exhilaration.
Never knowing
how much panic you’ve induced
that you’ve (unfairly)
been labeled the villain.


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