Experiences Vary

Viewing the piece for the first time:
Experiences vary.

I can attest that one of them
equates to

Being pulled down into a hole.
Pressed down
from the shoulders
gut sinking
throat holding
preserving pressure bearing down
then finally succeeding.
Collapsing first one knee
towards the ground
then the other
hands follow
discovering other means
of doing the same.

Asking something
to stop what is about to happen.
Not out of fear
or out of a desire to continue
standing tall.

(Which in its own way
can bear down heavier
– faster.)

But because this pressure
offers with it
the sense that the
unknown can be something familiar.
That nobody knows what they are doing
and that we’re all in this together.

a reason
to appreciate art.

‘This piece looks to convey hope.’
the voice of an unknown
but friendly tour guide
whispers through the gallery.
People that have ever seen me before
may never see me again
walk by
un-phased by my sudden weakness
to life.

‘Which part?’

The guide
unprepared for the question
‘Well, conventionally…’
He’s lost them
but that’s all right.

I think I can commiserate.
I’m waiting here patiently
for someone else to look like me.
To be able to tap them on the shoulder
after they fall.
To offer my hand
and help them back up.


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