The Last Great Final Judgement of Man

Upon reaching the base of the mountain
We spotted a wooden sign
Half uprooted and tilted to the side
Its weathered plaque
was nestled in an overgrowth
of giant ferns.
Made of wood and branded with words
it had the look of something
often overlooked.

The sign read:

Here rests
the final remains
of the world’s last
true monster.

Not the kind of monster
that caused political chaos
or strived for personal turmoil
nor the type concerned with
committing some social injustice.

Here lies the last great
final judgment of man.

A beast so terrific
and vast
that the memory of it
will only fade
once we
the human race
have exited the scene.
Replaced perhaps
by something more awful
more deranged
and more sadistic
in its search
for never ending power.

In front of you
rising up to meet the sky
its spine sticks out from the Earth.
each peek and valley
are the petrified remains
of its boney flesh-stripped carcass.

Travel far enough
and you may come to a great cavern
a place where the mountains
open up
inviting you underground.
Enter and you will find yourself
in the chamber of the beast’s
final heartbeats.

The place where
the darkest of embers cooled
and the hope of man
was restored.

For those of us
who place this ceremonial marker
we hope only
for its memory
to be long preserved.

well after
we have exited the stage.


Of course
we ventured forth.


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