The Tiger pt. 1

Trying to get a hold of the tiger
we were attempting
to do something
that was clearly
a bad decision.

Quickly it became obvious
we did not think everything through.
Our plans included
what resources we had on hand.
(Basically ourselves.)

We thought it would be
as simple as
dragging it down
around the neck
if it put up a fight.
Maybe avoiding a bite
or a claw to the leg.

Our confidence was high
only at the outset.
At that point
We were brash enough to think
we knew what the task involved.

Like some drunk decision
the further along the path
we traveled
the less everything seemed okay.


This is part 1 of 3. I’m trying something different with a little continuation. I’m considering revisiting a character in an earlier poem if this sort of thing pays off. Feel free to tell me what you think (obviously after the whole thing is up. Ha!)

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.


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