The Tiger pt. 2

We found the thing
in the house
having made itself comfortable.
The tiger
which we had not named
was the captor of our domain.

When it sensed us
its only reaction
was to raise its head
then return to its repose.
We were of no greater consequence
to it
than a fly buzzing
around its nostrils.

The moment
we entered the house
it sprung to action
first putting a claw
into one of us
then jumping through the window
escaping us instantly.

The swipe was lethal
brining our number
from three to two.

I tried to think of it
to convince myself
that the numbers
were balancing.

Even I could see
the tables
had never even thought
of turning.
Only my mind
had ever given us
the advantage.

What we feared
was the most horrifying.
When it came to tigers
we’d read too much
listened to too many tall tales
or just plain
believed anything.

We were certain
if we left
the corpse of our friend
the tiger would return
when it thought
the coast was clear
claim its prize
drag it off into the wild.

This too
would be
our greatest advantage
or so we thought.

of course
we waited.


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