After the World Moves On

When we wandered up
from out of the basement
the world was gone.

The great pillars
of civilization
lie in ruins.
Plants had overtaken
and left the remains of
what familiarity we had come to expect.
Leaving us to court the ideas that
everything that we knew
everything we built
everything we strove to be
meant nothing.

So little did our surroundings
hold us
that our first instinct was to leave.

we traveled past the edge
of the world we knew.
Welcomed into a territory
that may once have been foreign.

So desperately
did we adapt
to the unfamiliar
that within its emotion
we found a home.

Do not mistake home
with comfort
just the personal drive
to force familiarity
into our minds.

Nothing we saw
could be constituted
with an urge
that gained us piece of mind.
Everything was
full of fear.

I could see reflections of this
on my companions face
a boy no more than 12.

“We haven’t been gone that long have we?”
The boy whispered.
“No, just a blink, really.”
I returned.
“Then what?”
“The world just moves on sometimes.”
“You’ve seen it before?”

This brought up thoughts
Of books
Places I’d only ever
previously thought
about as fantasy.

“No, never with my own eyes.
Read about it.”
“What now?”
“We keep walking.
Something is bound
to be ahead of us.”

isn’t the right word
for my companion’s acceptance
but it’s what will have to do.
With his silence
I could tell
he understood the words
we did not speak.
That what he once knew
would never be again.
For that
I was as proud
as I was


This was inspired by the Nick Cave song Moonland off of Dig Lazarus Dig. Mostly just the first line.

I promise to take a break from the depressing, the dark, and the tiresomely down. I’ll focus on something a little brighter soon. Promise.

Til’ tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “After the World Moves On

  1. what an amazing piece (: Really enjoyed it thoroughly. Do continue writing – your works always have that unique twist in it. (oh and if you don’t mind – check out my latest post and leave a comment too?) thank you so much! and happy writing (:


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