A Savagery

The great beast hid
within our ranks.

We claimed to have
hunted it for hours
some of us far longer.
An animalistic nature
had slowly overtaken us.
A savagery
that hadn’t been there
at the start.

We gnashed our teeth
as we chewed cooked meat
from withering bones.
We gulped of a wine
that did not appease our taste.

We became ruthless
in our own minds
Often explaining at length
to one another
our plans for a type of mutilation
better reserved for psychopaths.

I could only notice it
when all the lights were out
when the sound of gritting teeth
far exceeded the blowing
of some gentle breeze.

We were a camp of infected monsters
seeking vengeance on something
to which
we’d unwittingly surrendered
so much control to.

If the beast
could have but taken shape
it would easily
have devoured
us whole.


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