So We Played On

We ran screaming through
the hallway at 3 in the morning
replaying the long-awaited
death-throes of a goblin king.

All this
much to the chagrin
of everyone else
(parents, brothers, sisters)
who might have been
trying to sleep.

Those party poopers
had harassed us for a while.
Passive aggressively slamming doors
finding reasons
to go to the bathroom
shut off the lights and
heavily clearing their throats.

Only once all evening
was it such a big concern
that they mentioned
(with serious exasperation)
was desperately
trying to sleep.

So we played on
hands and knees
dug into the shag carpeting
trying to discern the roll
of a 20-sided die.
Laughing gleefully
as our friends
were torn limb from limb
by hyper-aggressive goblins
with no known motive.

they were insulted
that we thought
they were there for the killing
in the first place.


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