Pavement Lines

Black lines on pavement
where tiny faults shift open
allowing us to see what’s been covered up

These visions can be as innocent
as granular pebbles
ants bustling to and fro
the remnants of a cigarette butt.

Occasionally it’s something far different.
Other worlds
canyons that lead to times and places
that remind us what we were like before
where we came from
how we evolved.
When we finish staring
we look up
and the world around us has vanished
changed into scenes we recognized in the past.

Like the trees on the edge
of an old abandoned used car lot
calling to mind
thick rows of lush green boughs
lining the back of a bakery.
Where only a few of us
had the privilege to remember summer’s breeze
flowing smoothly down a narrow alley
meant for receiving shipments.

Sometimes these places have no feelings at all
sometimes they bring back all the memories of youth.


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