When We Saw the Shore

after nights of waiting
we should have praised the heavens.

I had thought of this moment
nearly every second
of my time in the life boat.
I had seen myself standing up cheering
possibly falling into the water
pretending it had been done
on purpose.
I would have swam
until my heart stopped
or my arms were prevented
by the sand of the shore.

I thought I was saving everyone
when I unfurled the safety boats
but then slowly
(with the pleasure of time)
I started to think
of all the other people
who might have done the same
had I not been there.

Surely someone would have
taken charge
guided the confused
helped the masses
(all 4 of them)
to safety.

Looking from face to face
in the bloated vessel
(what remained of our manifest)
I wondered if any of them would have
made it
if the group would have comprised
of different people.

My only real hope
was that if the roles were reversed
if I was the confused
the helpless
the incapable
one of these people
would have stepped up
and saved me.


4 thoughts on “When We Saw the Shore

    1. I wish I could say it was something more than simply writing the first images that come to mind when I listen to music. I can’t though. It started there, I tried to give the thing legs to stand on and this is what I ended up with. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. It’s always sort of a crapshoot trying to figure out if what you just worked on was trash or if it makes sense. I appreciate the kind words and the memory.


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