Across the Expanse

Across the expanse we viewed
the reflection of our selves.

In that place we were hungry
feasting on the wilds that surrounded
taking more than we could ever need
and coveting each other’s gain.

There I was holding a branch in hand
broken off and
poised as a weapon
you had yet to notice
so concentrated on the act of gathering
that you became defenseless.

What my other self was thinking became clear
and for a moment
I felt justified in watching
mentally defending my other’s choice
to take advantage of
a situation that had presented itself.

In that other place
as in the place we watched from
a hint of consequence diluted the baseness
of an awful reality.
As my other dropped the stick on the ground
and turned back
I felt relief
as he must have felt regret.

when those of us watching
turned away
my companions
(though they never said anything)
viewed me differently.


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