People That I Tried to Be

Even then
I was we
and we were something.

They grew out of my waist
off of my shoulders and through my arms.
They dug roots like the oldest willow
becoming a part of the whole
making certain I could not rip them out
whenever they died
leaving pieces of themselves within me.

They did what they wanted
I became a canvas
of the people I tried to be
arrogant and mean
callous and self-centered
angry and afraid.
All of them left their roots,
planted their seeds
hoped for a better second-coming

We wrestled
with confusion and misunderstanding
a certainty that had a beautiful blossom
but no stem to grow from.
We picked at each other
until pieces fell from both of us
leaving trails of self
in an emotional black wake.

When one of us would concede
we would sink back under the surface
the roots receding from view.
Our eyes would shift from brown to green,
from green to grey
from grey to blue
waiting for the next attempt
the next growth
the next change.


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