Colossi of The Past

Snarling faces approach
looking for red cloth and finding nothing
these monsters smash into walls
beat their hooves against the earth
and howl uncontrollably.

They are searching for a place
that was lost long ago in shadow.
A place where separatism
not idealism was the norm.
Where they got their way
without having to try.
Where they were worshiped as idols
in a land willing to forgive their transgressions
if it meant heir violent attention
would turn elsewhere.

Not so long ago
these beasts roamed the entire earth
Running separately in straight lines
as far and as fast as their hooves
could take them.

Knowing full well that when they stopped
their expanding wake
would collapse in upon them.
Some final reckoning
that no amount of power
or wealth
could prevent
and they would be lost.

There are so few of them now
that their presence is a shock.
Their bodies are so ragged and broken
from a continual march
their minds so focused
on what the world was like
when they started
that we don’t even have to avoid them.


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