Moving in Circles

I had traveled half the distance
of the ocean before I realized
that I was surrounded
on all sides.
by then the last time I remembered land
there were palm trees
a rising mound
that could qualify as a hill
and old wreck
jutting out of the water
near shore.

Now that I reflected upon it
the desire to row back
(whichever way that was)
jump from my own boat
and cling
to the mast
of the old broken ship
was so strong
that I forgot which direction
I was sailing
in the first place.

(Needless to say:)
That was a problem.

Even knowing
for a fact
that I was moving in circles
would have been better
than the state I discovered.

afraid to move forward
wondering if my ship had turned the right course
continuing on unabated.

(the very real possibility faced me)
had I veered uncontrollably
into the past
to a place I was unprepared to visit.
Having convinced myself
that everything behind me
was no longer
of use.


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