Something to be Left Behind

There was a
a twister winding its way
across the plains
hundreds of yards in width.
The thing threw dirt high into the sky
then slammed it back down
An infant
so infatuated with the moment
that each passing second
was something to be left behind
to lose interest in.

We watched as an old barn
slowly lost its grip on the ground.
Its roof left first
like a man hanging on for dear life
loosing each scrap of clothing
one piece at a time
before finally giving up
unable to bear it
allowing the storm
to have its way
embarrassed and dismantled.
Several other homes
suffered similarly.

This was that moment
when nature came down to visit
to see what we’d
filled our time with
without so much as an invitation.

This was the nature
that we feared
was stored
somewhere within ourselves.


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