Artifacts of a Lost World

Of course
(or so I would hope)
there will be the hints
that I once was
that I settled down.
Artifacts of a world
that mattered
to those that
would orbit it.
in truth
they too
will be gone.

The hardest part
of finding comfort here
at the end
was learning to live
with the surroundings.

To be on the edge of something
that will eventually collapse
taking us in with it
creating nothing
spreading emptiness
to wait
to watch
to understand
to be overcome
and even if only for a moment
find it beautiful
is something I fought
tooth and nail.

What I was going to give up
(I thought)
was my humanity
allowing myself to see something
for once
not as the enemy
or some malicious thing
but as the astonishing
once-in-a-lifetime event
that it was.


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