A Meddling and Insistent Neighbor

Waking from the nightmare
something weighs down my chest
forcing the air from my lungs
from the depths of memory
I fear to glance down
expecting some hideous creature
I’ll never comprehend
sitting on my chest.

There is this vague desire for it to be there
granting me an experience
that I’ve read so frequently about
in those pandering Lovecraftian stories
where a satellite denizen from
the depths of some unimaginable
(though I’m imagining everything right now)
sunken ruin.
Another world
going about its business
unbothered by the consistent threat
of a meddling
and insistent neighbor
on the very outskirts of
their atmosphere.

What I would know
in that fateful instant
as the thing’s eyes turned on me
would be an infinite sea of fear
the madness of a thousand generations
of lonely immortality
before the complete and total loss of place
within a darkness so deep
I’d forget the very concept of light.

(Back to the real world here,
please and thank you.)
as the rest of the waking world
pours in
in my nighttime room-scape
with the white noise of a running fan
the undercurrent of purring
is unmistakable
followed by a shift of weight
upon my stomach
a frantic meow
and a sudden release of pressure
as the alleged ‘great beast’
jumps from my body
and makes a break for its food dish
while allowing me
a comfortable intake of breath.


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