Getting It Right

We were obsessed with ‘getting it right’
turning on each other
when things came too close
to going out of control.

In the beginning we were friends
holding doors open for one another
bestowing compliments
and when appropriate
we would even surprise one another
with gifts.

Over time these things fell off
became more of a holiday tradition
not just for one of us
but all.

We didn’t show the same fervor
for the spontaneous.
at the beginning
our friendship was the spark
that ignited a flame
we now found ourselves as
little more than
ashes and embers
of a well-burned log.

Even then there was nothing to indicate
(to ourselves)
that we’d made it this far together.
we’d traveled blind on fumes
that bled a type of poison
into our veins.

We stared at each other
not as the friends we started out as
rather we were competitors in a race
sizing up the competition
hoping that at the end of all this
there might be
something more left of us
than there would be of them.

In retrospect
this kind of personal philosophy
may have been said
to have backfired.


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