Envisioning the Impossible

We found the old pipe
out in the middle of the forest.
It appeared
as if from nowhere
on the side of a hill
a circle no wider than 3 feet.
We spent days of our summer
at its mouth
peering in and listening
occasionally we would hear
the echo of an outside sound trapped within.
Having traveled the length of the pipe
and returned to us
the noise was something strange
something different

“Like the whispers of ghosts”
one of us said.
That alone
was the reason we lingered at the mouth
hoping to discern a word of its secrets
maybe see something together
that we could confirm
was unknowable.

We waited 3 days.

On the fourth day
when I volunteered to enter the tunnel
to find out were the noises were coming from
(having not yet discerned the obvious origin)
my adventure was short.
About 15 feet within
the pipe ran up against a metal grate
with a cement wall directly behind.
(I saw this with a flashlight.)
The only curious thing present
was a thin
stream of water that I traced back
to the base of the wall.

This was surely evidence
of something that could
only benevolently exist
in the imaginations
of summer-bored youth

There may as well have been
a giant painted sign of a
comic hand pointing a single finger
towards the wall.
Here there be dragons
it would read
as though the concrete concealed
some highly private
(while admittedly well pointed out)
Dragon’s cache.

“There’s a stupid wall.”
I shouted back for my fellow adventurers
who no doubt
shared my disappointment
in finding nothing
where once we envisioned the impossible.


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