Unreasonable Weight

My routine consisted of stalking air waves
searching for a particular type of prey.

Laid out in front of a dual tape deck stereo
stocked with two blue-tinted Memorex 60 minutes
waiting for the right intro
into a favorite song
having prepared perfectly
(or so I’d convinced myself)
with the end of last song I captured
waiting to fold into something new
something as yet

the recording job was jilted
with a DJ dropping over an outro
a quick stop
then several seconds of awkward silence.

Queue the last few words
laid over the intro
of the next song
different voices
different times.

in a way I was listening
to myself time travel.
The silence between tracks
a vast vacuum of time
filled with hours of patience
waiting (and wading) through songs
that produced overreactions
with such a sharp edge
I still hear echoes
of their unreasonable weight.


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