Before the Constraints

Before the storm
there were great gatherings
people would commune together
with little thought of safety.
They congregated
spread messages within
and cultivated communities
that they were proud of
they had no concept of walls
of limitations
or boundaries.

When the rains began to fall
we frantically searched for answers
unsure what to believe
nothing like this
had ever happened to us before.
We were so naive
we believed even the weather
was meant to be controlled by the actions
of our company.
We blamed each other for the dampness of our clothes
for the discomfort of our time.

During the worst portions of it
the storm was relentless
smashing open places
that we protected from one another
thought private
or kept in our own greedy possession.
During this time we were the least proud
but we puffed out our chests
held our chins firm
and expected nothing but the same
from the world around us.

After its passing
the damage was done
we would never admit
such a grand scale event.
The transformation
was something we’d
be forced to live with
something we considered
second nature.
So strong were our compulsions
with little to no memory of what had been before
that we considered our former reality a fantasy
making fun in small gatherings
whispering to friends
and chuckling at the thought
that a world would exist
before the storm
before the constraints of such
a suffocating existence
could be allowed
to take hold.


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