The Voodoo Forest – Part 1

We wound ourselves through a place
they called the voodoo forest
under a canopy of light green palm leaves
and root-covered ruins.

The air thick with humidity
gave pause moments
before a torrential rain
as though itself
stopping itself to take a rest
carrying the moisture this far
was something of a burden.

I imagined it as a third weary traveler
setting down to take a load off
relinquishing its hat
in order to look through
the leaves above
and wonder just how many eyes
had come to rest on such a view.

It was then that we realized
we had no business
being in this place.
We hadn’t seen a living thing
outside of the plants for hours.
Even with all of the commotion
we were creating
the stillness of the air
after the rain
was palpable.


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