The voodoo Forest – Part 2

We found nailed to a tree
the half-decayed corpse
of a small mammal.
My partner
claimed it to be an omen
though neither of us
had placed much stock
in such things previously.
The creature’s back limbs
mirrored its front.
Curled bones
grasping outward
for life.

We were ourselves
struck by the thought
that this too
could be our end.
That we had come all this way
to find nothing
and that when we returned
the void left by this nothingness
would be too hard to overcome.

The thing was
we had to push through
what we sought
was the penultimate discovery.
The tree of life
or the meaning of it
it had to be there.
We had grown so focused upon an end
that the journey’s many warnings
fell to the wayside.
Our hearts
were being quickly overrun
by the shadows of greed.

Not necessarily the greed
that accompanies material gain
but a greed that stalks
in the thick of uneventful nights
while we lie in bed listening
thinking about the accomplishments
that are assumed to be
directly in front of us.
Trading self-perceived grief
hard work and strife
for a chorus of
ungainly praise.


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