The Voodoo Forest – Part 3

We couldn’t see much more
than what the forest allowed us to.
At one point we found an overlook
an outcropping of black stone
that pushed its way up from the earth
and over the palm leaves
like a phoenix rising.
Even then the trees
gave little away.
We could make out
the rise and fall
of a vast valley
where we hoped we might find

As luck would have it
we stumbled upon the outskirts
of the sprawling overgrown city
we sought.
Caught unawares by our
sudden discovery we could focus on
little else.
The questions that plagued us
until this point

The doubt
(which we agreed
amongst ourselves to be natural)
and the anxiety
of an otherwise futile plan
slipped from our bones.
We were reanimated mummies
come from the dead
discarding our bandages
to reveal fully preserved
perfected forms.
Butterflies put together
made whole within
the cocoon of discovery.

We stood at the beginning
of our greatest accomplishment
courting contentment.
One of our goals
clearly within reach.

We celebrated.

The idea that this
was an elaborate mirage
never once
crossed our minds.


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