The Ethereal Light

We found the remains of the past
lying on the ground
under a blanket of dust.

Time crawled here
left to fester and atrophy.
This place
was something of a prisoner itself
having lost the identity
it once must have held dear.

We picked up books of matches
old toy dump trucks made of metal
once painted a bright yellow
now given to rust.
Passing a fireplace
we noticed the crumbled forms
of broken down logs
an iron poker
crumpled paper
prepared to burn.

We lingered here for perhaps
too long.
Letting its sense of time
its oldness
seep into our minds
creating that nostalgia
which would accompany the discovery
that this place
was once somewhere we knew.

We were shadows
walking through darkness
in a space lit
only by the memory
we preserved of it.
something so ethereal

Understanding that
made our whereabouts more certain.
We stood now
in the found hollowed out remains
belonging to the monsters that hunted us in our youth.
Their boney remains
rickety old road signs
along a path
that would bear some explaining.

With each remnant
a portion of our past
would make itself known.
As though trapped in this place
until finally recalled
breathe a heavy sigh of relief
having been released
only to flit away
become forgotten once more.

This ethereal light
was discovery
but also
it was loss.


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