The Stacks

At different ends of a metal hall
with ledgers compounding on either side
the first couple words I said to you
in private
were stumbled over
twice-judged before an attempt
to put them out into the world.

I felt a bit like an old computer
hearing the processor kick up
hit a level that simply
cannot be maintained for long periods of time.
A sound so internally deafening
that what I remember saying
was little more than a series of noises
put together
seemingly at random.

Of course
time passed a little more slowly
in this place.
So while it felt like
I had spoken with some celerity
nothing moved
and I waited
with the awkward weight
of not being understood
falling across my body
like a giant shadow
everything went cold.

When you smiled
the distance between you and I closed
a trick preformed
with just the slightest turn
at the corner of your mouth.


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