Northern Hawk Owl (5/7)

The Northern species of this famed bird
developed the ability to don and lace up a helmet
at the drop of a hat.

So quick-witted is the animal that occasionally
it stops mid-flight for a bit of a dive
dropping as though dead for a hundred or so feet
then with wings suddenly outstretched
rises back up into the air with a type of
natural grace.

This is
(of course)
a contradiction to
the hawk owl’s Southern kin.

they haven’t mastered the secret
of the flight helmet
and more often than not
when they dive
they do it
in the most inconvenient of places
coming across as either brave
or exceptionally stupid.
(Mostly stupid.)
A distinction which
seems to be towed
by many other species
without understanding
any manner of proper definition.


The 5th beer-name inspired poem is an Amber. Its source can be sought and found in Traverse City, Michigan at Right Brain Brewing.


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