Widow Maker (6/7)

The 6th of the beer-name inspired poems is a Black Ale from Keweenaw Brewing Company in Keweenaw, Michigan. It’s not my favorite of their beers (olde oar Scotch ale taking that prize), but its got a great label.


After the incident
we wanted to blame everyone
but ourselves.

We convinced ourselves
our environment
had taken measure
of our worth
and found it wanting.

We claimed
(to ourselves, in unison)
that the seas themselves
rose up against us
in a manner much akin
to an act of God
buried within religious text.

We took the most dramatic
most unreasonable
most implausible opinions
and tried
to make them fact.

We were the miller’s daughter
trying to back up our own
and thoroughly stupid claims
by spinning straw into gold.
We sought a way to hide
the ugly truth of our loss
by means
of something far more horrifying.

What we lost
was not confined to
that one single day
or even
of monetary value
but to the foundation
that we were building
so that we could
continue to move forward.


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