Dirty Bastard (7/7)

The final entry in my beer-name inspired poems is named after a Scotch Ale found in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s national distributed as far as I know so if you get a chance try it!

On the side of a highway
between major cities
there is a car resting with lights off.

(a man and a woman)
argue outside debating whatever.
When they part one of them
the man
is left sitting half leaned back
in the driver’s side
as though he owns the road
plain belligerent
and finally

The woman
three-quarters of a mile up the road
doesn’t see him accepting help
form a passer-by
as though he were a kindly soul
willing to take on the weight
of any passing devil.

As she walks
she listens to the wind
telling her to keep moving
to forget about a past
mired in anger and doubt
to keep on walking
find something more
and then
to know a world without
the constant demand
of a complete bastard.


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