Passing the Time

Poised above translucent
touched with a hint of green water
we stood watching the ripples and waves
flow through around and underneath us.

My companion assured me
that there was a purpose to this senselessness.
That our stillness
if you could call it that
(my eyes darted everywhere)
would acclimate the life that surrounded us
to our presence
and she was right.

It was only now
after every faculty had been exhausted
in the attempt to maintain interest
or focus
that I saw the first fish
swimming upstream right next to me.

Moving slow enough
as not to disturb the continuously disturbed
only a short window of time existed
where I could dart my fingers into the water
grab the body of the slick fish
and throw it
as hard and fast from the water to the shore
as possible.

And even in just the thinking
that moment had passed.
So we continued on
focusing to the point
of exhaustion.


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