It has been looking at us
this entire time.
waiting for us to notice.
in the beginning this sort of activity
was patient
like friends waiting for friends
in a cafe with a cool breeze
and a cappuccino.
Over time pleasantries eroded
patience slid
piece by piece
into an ocean of unnoticed time.

And then it understood
If it could show us
what we wanted to see
what we thought
we couldn’t put ourselves through
but must
then it wouldn’t run the risk
of being ignored
then it would have our attention.

In some places
the only time the thing isn’t watching
is when the power goes out.
Other places there are ‘reasonable schedules’
that are kept and maintained.
Other places (still)
the thing has lost all favor
has been driven out
at the cost of its host(s)
being ridiculed as strange or weird.

After all
why wouldn’t someone want
to see every little thing
that it could provide
and then want more
and more
and more.

A person should only ever
want more.


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