Monsters in the Rain

We gathered together to watch the rain fall
thinking that eventually the storm might pass
move on to other areas
become a problem for somebody else.

We waited
and waited
and waited.

In our minds
a certainty was forming:
The storm was never going to move on.

Acting accordingly
we started in on blaming
what we thought we understood
slapping titles on people or places
that didn’t ask for them.

We were monsters to each other
having become so desolate
in our desire for a moment’s respite
we turned on each other
to such a horrific degree
that when
suddenly the rain stopped
and we attempted to address each other
as ‘civilized’
it was as if a veil
would always remain lifted
no matter our efforts
to pull it back down.

People who claimed to have forgiven
or forgotten
we so unbelievable
all we could do
was laugh at them.


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