Hide and Seek

Hiding in the basement
with the door only slightly ajar
I watched for moments
as you stood at the top of the stairs
searching for me in your mind.

You ruled out the places I wouldn’t be
obvious things
line of sight
any room where
I would be spotted within a glance
and then you took into account
the noises you must have heard.

Though I perceived myself to be silent
the truth was I was a realist.

The third step from the top
had a creak
and we both knew it.

We were both so familiar with it
that we knew the sound of someone
purposefully avoiding it
stepping awkwardly and out of pattern
in such a way that screamed
I know what’s here
I’m going out of my way
to alert the rest of the house
and in that action
you were found to be
just as obnoxious.

As though you’d been hard-pressed
to land on the creaky step
all along.

And that’s
when you spotted me.


2 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

    1. Thank you! The picture is actually a friend’s. She took it years ago of her own children and it reminded me of what it was like to be a child playing games and thinking of all the strange intangible things that went through my mind, unspoken. Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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