Rain Drops

In between drops of rain
falling over grass
breaking the humidity of
an overbearing heat
pines rise in the distance
sun glares through black clouds
shining off metal buildings
rising steam-like off asphalt streets
and time.

We walk through less than this
we experience less than this
and call it miracle
We continue
taking for granted every next breath
until the moment
we’re brought to realize
each of them has had a number
and at some point
they will stop accumulating.

Suddenly the steam becomes more real
the lights shine a little brighter
and a warm rain
is a little more reminiscent
of what it must have felt like
to misjudge responsibility.


2 thoughts on “Rain Drops

  1. Thoughtful reminder of what is most important and what is frequently taken for granted. As always, we need to lose or nearly lose something before we truly see and appreciate it. Thank you for this timely reminder.

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