Opposites (?) Attracting

Legend tells of a man
entertaining the very personification of darkness
in order to save the soul of a woman he hardly knows
he of course has other obligations in the world
but so moved is he by her connection to this darkness
that he forces light in
for a moment together
they are brighter than a star
rising from the Earth
piercing a frame of strange emotions
abandoning outside obligations
and of course
falling in love.

As outsiders we can only claim
to understand but the truth is
they formed a bond
a cohesion that did not
and would not explain itself.
Something different
something unique
something perceived as volatile
or destructive
watched by those closest to it
as one might watch a bonfire.
Hoping that something other than the predictable
might arise
so that we could point at it in glee
and confirm
our own based insinuations
as though guessing
was the only thing to do
the only thing right
from the get go.


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