Summer Alley

Across the lot here
many iterations of the same
have shambled through
taking their time
to come or go
and then come again.

Prior to this place I stared out
across a one way black top alley
into the thick-leafed maples
of someones back yard.
There was an old cooler
down about fifty or so feet
that I would joke about
but would never go near
and that now I wish I had.

Outside of the cars that drove past
the people I would see here
were people I knew
we manned posts out front
back through the doors
past long corridors and places mostly unseen
(except obviously by us).
The face we put on out front
where we engaged
was different from the one we held here.

Here the people were genuine
we gave them the real “Hello.”s
appreciated the real ‘How’s your weekend going?”s.
In truth we may never have known
much more than that
about our passing neighbors
or even the people who owned the home beyond the alley
with its giant maples
crowding in on the back of our lot
like a crowd of summer-loving fans
reaching their arms to the heavens
desperately waiting to be noticed.


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