Places Calling Me Home

I made the mistake
of thinking that I was the one
who had been searching.
Walking streets
in an earnest attempt
to figure out where I belonged.

Seeing places that
at one time or another
I might have claimed to be familiar
filled with the strange faces
of people I would never know.

And in a blink it changed.

Darker clouds encroached upon
a half-full sunny sky
water lapped against stone alleys
and I felt the current tug me down
past flag stones and foundations
past the silt and Earth
below the placid sea
and a warm embrace
welcoming me into its heart
making me feel alive.

A part of me
will never come back from that place
not for romance or its ideals
not for some sudden light
of new-found understanding
but because in the fleeting moment
of a summer storm
I found the place that sought me
the place calling me home.

This poem marks my 1 year anniversary of starting this project. This is poem 365. For those of you who have read along and commented during that journey, thank you.

I hope you’ll continue to read, and I look forward to seeing where the next year takes me.


4 thoughts on “Places Calling Me Home

  1. Melancholy and hopeful all at once. Great work!
    Congratulations on 365 consecutive poems! What an accomplishment this is. I think I have read and appreciated all of them. You have a strong literary voice and considerable creativity and imagination. I can hardly wait to see what you conjure next.

    Liked by 1 person

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