The Changing of the Hue

Giving images purpose
driving them into memory and holding them
that will be the hardest part.
Not that they haven’t
already made their mark
but when I look back towards them
I’ll see these moments through another lens
one that has moved past
the moment of their memory
and holds them
in a type of reverence.

As if to say
this is how it was
this is how it should have been.
And we were not so different then
when in fact almost every aspect of ourselves
has evolved or changed in some way.

That is to say
the hues of a sun breaking autumn horizon
before even a moment has passed
will have changed.
I’ll remember colors and moments
surrounded by so much frustration
as happiness.
And we won’t know what to do with one another
so we’ll collide
hoping that something in the collision
will feel familiar
like home.


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