Idyllic Figure

Nothing crazy here
no wild party
no moments in the sun
no rising tide propping up a hero
some idyllic figure
a monster wrapped in the armor of a savior
having neglected the spotlight of such a role
only to be forced.

I can’t say I’m surprised
I haven’t seen such a wave in years
not since the beginnings of eager wandering
longing to get free into the universe
and being gently pushed
have I head the whispers
that there is something more
that there should always be
something more.

And is that the problem
is that the sour taste
and the acid that runs up my throat
that the belief just isn’t there
that it’s been up to me this whole time.

All that to say
the wave rising to meet the sun
was always the topside of an open palm
pushing to bring a new Icarus far too close
allow it a glimpse
a moment within the shadows
to find daylight
to feel free.


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