Was that the place?

notches on a trunk
markers on a journey
even the most absent-minded pause
is deserving of the attention

looking over my shoulder
holding the gaze of an old porch
“Was that the place?”
then confirming
“That was the place.
“Moments of life played out there, my life.”

an old friend
waiting ghostlike
in curtain-filled windows
blowing warmth
against frost-gripped glass

a parking lot made of dust
a porch made of wood
poorly painted
with a metal framed chair
hanging half-way forward
empty bottles
empty boxes
and a small pile of old browning snow


2 thoughts on “Was that the place?

    1. I mean, I’m glad it made you feel something. Sadness can be happy in a certain way. For example, I was happy to remember this place, even though it played such a minuscule role in my life.


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