spitting in our faces

what does it take
someone spitting in our faces
careening wildly to whatever side
only to find a median
or not

but here
we’ve placed a spotlight on insanity
we’ve given the stage to a
a presumptuous pretension
a moment’s weakness
a thought sadly said

more importantly
a nightmare given form
with a bad comb-over
and a worse rhetoric

we’ve gotten now
what we deserve
and we’re squirming in our seats

hoping for the hero cast
to play their part

without understanding
that we’ve bogged so much down
the hero’s role
hasn’t yet been thought through


2 thoughts on “spitting in our faces

  1. The best and cheapest way to get and sustain attention is to insult someone or something. The injustice catches us off guard and we instinctively try to defend all the while giving the accuser much more attention. It is a skillful manipulation.

    I liked this poem.

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