in places

in the morning there was sunlight it drifted down through the trees in that summer way holding its breath waiting to be noticed for someone to look up and sigh to let it breathe to have found purpose though in other places or other moments it would claim such purpose as some silly peripheral thought … Continue reading in places


story of the moon

I work to fall standing up just to kneel over and over again climbing mountains just to light fires and watch the smoke float out over the earth joining clouds like family dissolving ash into water waiting on the sun to rise

one by one

A crowd stood around the body of an old neighborhood friend lying quietly in the street on a busy Tuesday morning. They were silent leaning together asking, with only their eyes how this sort of thing could have happened. Hands in their pockets they remained concerned showing solidarity and perceived strength they banded together. Not … Continue reading one by one

what it had lost

set the world in front of us holding the top with a palm and preventing it from moving stood there, with a finger placed held over where we were from then, hand removed we watched the great world spin took fingers and dipped them into the oceans felt the collective breath of the thing draw … Continue reading what it had lost