you know one of the first things I remember is sitting in the shady part of the lower bowl of Tiger Stadium behind the catcher looking out through netting you said that the man at bat was big said he was good so I believed you I remembered the cards I'd been given collecting people's … Continue reading Fielder



a willow hanging in the center of an old asphalt lane looping back from the highway up past the brown office we threw a baseball between us high into the sky at the edge of a tree-laden wetlands only ever once having the pleasure of fetching the thing when our aim went awry

Everything on the Line

There isn't much more memorable than the feeling of being a 6-year-old boy playing alone in the back yard imitating the greats. An old beaten wood bat in hand heavier bay far than necessary throwing up tennis balls into the air and hitting them as far as possible whispering "It's come down to this. Bottom … Continue reading Everything on the Line

Legends (Cobb)

The universally disliked taciturn facade implied: Inquire within at your own peril. There is a fierceness an anger and passion that will push a mind to such heights of competitive nature as to become so reviled. Such a spectacle will it provide that people gather en mass eager to share their similarity bleeding right there … Continue reading Legends (Cobb)