talking (haiku)

about beautiful places, masking concern with a change in topics


whatever majesty

sunrise over the city streets fresh for the first time holding no grudge passing no rumor or holding a candle to the past the shadows last but they know their place escaping quickly allowing the heat of summer to spread its arms crack its knuckles and extend its arms in that way that brings a … Continue reading whatever majesty

Shadows on the Wall

Seeing your shadow pass across the windows in the next room there is a sense of dread. The next conversation will be filled with apologies or accusations or both and what I really want to talk about has nothing to do with any of that. It's the warm glow of a fading summer afternoon past … Continue reading Shadows on the Wall

172. Brittle Skeletons

The streets here were lined with homes hollow shells composed of what once was rather than what should be built with the hope that something beautiful would grow within them. What beauty there may have been left long ago leaving ruins. Dead flower stems arching back on themselves dried with time like brittle skeletons hanging … Continue reading 172. Brittle Skeletons

Artifacts of a Lost World

Of course (or so I would hope) there will be the hints that I once was that I settled down. Artifacts of a world that mattered to those that would orbit it. Though in truth they too will be gone. The hardest part of finding comfort here at the end was learning to live with … Continue reading Artifacts of a Lost World

What I Sought

At first, I must admit when I saw your eyes I questioned if I wasn’t alone. They were different something unexpected even wonderful. They were not the eyes I had seen for so long. They looked upon me with a fierceness a kindness that I only vaguely recognized. When you smiled I knew they belonged … Continue reading What I Sought