an end (crisis averted)

we were holding on to one another hoping that at the point of impact (crisis averted) we'd have just gone through the actions leaves falling in the spring having made it this far pushed out by the next wave photosynthesis pushing out the dead with a handshake eventually though they clung together the end was … Continue reading an end (crisis averted)



in the smoke-filled room where women come and go talking of michaelangelo making a suggestion filing through waiting to hear the whispers call a lost ship traveling waves searching for the light of some distant shore and we tore down panels of wood letting light in giving shape to a place that had itself forgotten … Continue reading namesake

Through Lines

hard to imagine the through line thinking of the night without considering the sunrise here in this wasteland where even the roads have lost their definition the path through is plain taking steps I've taken walking paths I've crossed and in the harsh winds driven with snow and sleet I see similarities places that smiled … Continue reading Through Lines