The Argument

the thoughts of an end were uncomfortable uncompromising and unavoidable not a death not a finality just a point on a mutual line shared by many a meteor falling from the heavens or from the sky or from the cosmos and that's what we would argue about the semantics of the thing the finality of … Continue reading The Argument



meant to dodge moments that are collectively good holding on to the railing as though on some teetering ride held over the edge and terrified before release they mention over and over that there is something to the moment that you can just let go falling into the abyss over and over leaving nothing but … Continue reading haunts

Idyllic Figure

Nothing crazy here no wild party no moments in the sun no rising tide propping up a hero some idyllic figure a monster wrapped in the armor of a savior having neglected the spotlight of such a role only to be forced. I can't say I'm surprised I haven't seen such a wave in years … Continue reading Idyllic Figure

The Moment of a Sunset

Standing by the docks at the passing of the day we are joined with the trees piling over hills in the soon to be moonlight having whispered goodbyes to a vanishing sun. And there is a breeze that bothers the water's surface and there are moments when you can forget yourself completely thinking just for … Continue reading The Moment of a Sunset