waiting rooms


we positioned ourselves in another waiting room a stack of magazines on a chair a book with a magic marker that would reveal puzzle answers my contribution but I'd lost interest. I'd found myself back towards a quiet television examining the walls The hung art was dull enough that the groves in an exposed brick … Continue reading waiting rooms


to be wrong

always assumed that the rug would be pulled out from under me that the loves i enjoyed would turn into a joke that the family I covet would fall apart that the moments I held most dear would be proven false the friends just hecklers from some imaginary peanut gallery with their own best interests … Continue reading to be wrong


such a noble creature chest puffed out and face tilted just having now viewed me for a third of my life what senses must you consider what moments must you resist long ago did i refuse to allow you ignorance long ago did I purposely forget to acknowledge that your capacities might not stretch so … Continue reading capacities

At the Center

At the center there is a white stone pit with broken glass and smokeless flames licking into the evening sky as dusk reaches its end transitioning into night so too do we slide with it talking nodding our heads laughing impervious to an outside world filled with pressures pushing down up and from the sides. … Continue reading At the Center

Under Exteriors

Hidden under exteriors of callous skin and eyes that see far into the distance there are people. They learned to play the trumpet the violin they apprenticed as barbers created families fell into a life (possibly of their own choosing) that gave them meaning filled them with pride and provided for them a desire that … Continue reading Under Exteriors

“You can never stop now”

We were together only a few times after she moved to the place where the windows were dark and she felt so alone. She said she didn't remember much and I took that as her at her most lucid. We would share stories a back and forth of what we'd recently done. This was of … Continue reading “You can never stop now”