The Argument

the thoughts of an end were uncomfortable uncompromising and unavoidable not a death not a finality just a point on a mutual line shared by many a meteor falling from the heavens or from the sky or from the cosmos and that's what we would argue about the semantics of the thing the finality of … Continue reading The Argument


Last Transmission

Last words said pushed the microphone back from my face turned each dial from seven to zero listened as the output of a small speaker disappeared flicked a few switches down watched red and yellow lights die took a large breath stood stopped a moment at the door to take one final look before finally … Continue reading Last Transmission

The Moment of a Sunset

Standing by the docks at the passing of the day we are joined with the trees piling over hills in the soon to be moonlight having whispered goodbyes to a vanishing sun. And there is a breeze that bothers the water's surface and there are moments when you can forget yourself completely thinking just for … Continue reading The Moment of a Sunset