ad nauseam

we had so little to say to one another in the beginning we'd posture even force energy hold each other's gaze for whatever that meant we had moments we could argue brought us together and like any give-and-take moments that left us apart but there hasn't been anything there not for a while now we … Continue reading ad nauseam


as close as I can

we're surrounded by marble statues looking past o through caught at a point that might be considered embarrassing but it is this time with winds whipping where I get to share what it means to be me with you it's the closest i can give you to the full experience to know that you don't … Continue reading as close as I can

Moving On

And that's the thing about being good at a thing. Being lead to believe that its more that there's something else there. Until there isn't and there's just the thing and you and the thing has become so much more an institution that should have moved on long ago leaving only remnants hanging in the … Continue reading Moving On