what it had lost

set the world in front of us holding the top with a palm and preventing it from moving stood there, with a finger placed held over where we were from then, hand removed we watched the great world spin took fingers and dipped them into the oceans felt the collective breath of the thing draw … Continue reading what it had lost


chain of islands

traveling through time discovering the moments that might have meant something more to those that used to be a part of a life and thinking "Whoa, wait a sec here." we were together on the beach holding each other up against the wind watching waves roll out and hoping that the bogey man wasn't real … Continue reading chain of islands


that's the thing we'll miss showering our heroes with confetti remembering it enshrining them talking amongst ourselves holding legends before their time and giving them the proper goodbye nobody ever said it'd be easy to let that part of childhood slip away where the awe and spectacle was more than we could handle where the … Continue reading enshrined


this thing doesn't happen here a man rolling on two wheels frantically scanning the dirt below pacing (as much as such a thing can be accomplished upon a bycicle) my hand extended whispering the promise to bring him home 'And I will whisper you home an ill-fated vessel against the rock lined shore.' and he … Continue reading Sound/Fury/Nothing